Yes Man

A Unique, fun filled comedy with short term memory span.

Jim Carrey, the name stands for showmanship and hysteria. Out of all his comedy gigs I’ve watched, Yes Man is probably the most innovative in a “non fantasy” topic. The Mask & Bruce almighty were feel good movies, with light realistic touch over a wholly imaginary scenario. With Yes Man, while there are sensible comic and fun filled moments, the philosophy behind the movie is quite garbled.

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Carl Allen’s life is a slump. His unenthused and a refuting lifestyle has made him a bore and unable to enjoy life. His friends have nearly given up on him, because of his sheer lack of mortal fun and inability to change his pathetic lifestyle. One fine day, he meets an old acquaintance who tells him about the way he’s exploring and enjoying his life after habituating a single word in it. “Yes”. He then tells Carl to attend a seminar. The challenge is for every man to say “Yes” for every opportunity in life. Skeptically, he initiates the habit and starts saying YES for everything. A rough start on his newly found “Yes” track gets him stranded & ends up meeting him up with Alison, a young and brash woman with a penchant for spontaneity. From then on, his life changes and his positive charm gets him lots of accolades, promotion, makes him popular with his friends and makes Alison fall in love with him. A suspicious encounter reveals her about the Yes Man program, after which she questions, if her relationship with Carl is just an act of him saying Yes or did he actually mean them for her. Along the way he realizes that saying “No” has its own consequences and not all Yes’s are always meant to be.

Likes & Dislikes

The concept is unique, and provides a fresh look at things in normal life. Jim Carrey as Carl and Zooey Deschanel as alison form a cute couple and give an enthusiastic outlook. The movies has humour and realism mixed up in lots of imaginative ways and is definitely a fun filled watch with no wits spent.

The philosophy behind the program was blur and doesn’t give an effective intiation to the plot. After a while, things take a monotic track and the humour starts fading along with the plot. The morale of the movie looks cold with no certain satisfaction or reason for the storyline. Few loopholes and boring moments along the way, till a far fetched ending is reached. The movie fails to excite and seems dull at times.

What’s my Point?

As far as Jim Carrey is concerned, there are much better comedies to be watched. With a unique yet dull plot, the movie is fun filled and cheery. On the whole, the movie needs no wit and is easily a friday night show to sleep over.