The Wedding Singer

A Classic Romantic Comedy with sincerely profound dialogues and a lively entertainment.

The Wedding Singer, one of the best romantic comedies I’ve watched. A simple story, uncomplicated plot, simple language yet a profound message. This movie is a keeper in terms of hearty entertainment and an upbeat feeling it delivers, throughout the movie and also after the end. Although the story isn’t as appeasing for romance, it gets the job done with grace.



Robbie Hart is “The Wedding Singer”. Loved by all kinds of people for his jolly and kind spirit, he’s the best in his profession. The movie opens with Robbie singing at a wedding and it becomes evident in the course that he’s a noble guy. Waitressing at the wedding for her first time is Julia Sullivan. With her sweet attitude and kindred soul, she’s the ultimate girl next door. Robbie announces his marriage with his long time girlfriend Linda, whereas Julia’s boyfriend Glenn, has not set a date for the wedding which has her worried. An unlikely situation at the wedding introduces them to each other.After Robbie’s wedding is crushed & he gets left at the altar, he starts hating the concept of marriage and propagates the same in his next wedding performances. Meanwhile Julia’s boyfriend proposes and asks her to take care of all the wedding arrangements. Julia empathizes for Robbie, and after spending some time with each other on the arrangements for her wedding, they realize that they’re falling for each other. Robbie finds that Glenn is cheating on Julia & is compelled to tell her. But misunderstandings seperate them and soon it’s for Robbie to decide, if he’ll stop this travesty and get Julia back or forever face the music of regret.


Likes & Dislikes

Catchy songs and hilarious lyrics are the major plus in the movie. A simple and refreshing story, this plot has penny plain dialogues and no cheesy lines. These dialogues have a great meaning and its warming to see that it can be established without any ostentatious gimmicks on screen. Drew Barrymore as Julia, is adorable and Adam Sandler is simply a delight. Thier chemistry on screen at many instances give off sparks. With an effortless plot and light entertainment, this movie gives the same upbeat feelings of the order of  Definitely Maybe, with half the complexity.

Although the movie doesn’t have many potholes, the story is both the positive and the negative. Since the story isn’t twisted, the movie becomes predictable and ends up a bore for story oriented eyes. The movie doesn’t have a captivating agenda which makes it stand out in the comedies and come off as a precipitate.

What’s my Point?

At wit’s end, this movie does justice to the relaxing lovey dovey folk. Although the story is modest, the movie is definitely something to keep for a rainy day to cheer up.

Be Back Hungry!