Leon: The Professional

A Professional exemplar for the distinctive action, thrill and powerful storytelling.

Had been meaning to watch this movie for a long time now. Too bad i didn’t. The director of classic action flicks like Taken & Transporter set his own trend of quite storytelling, powerful emotions and gangland style action movies with Leon: The Professional. Thrilling drama, action and socially challenging emotions, there are very few movies in the genre which can match its archetype.

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Negotiations are something Leon is very good at making happen. One policy. No woman No children, Leon is an expert hitman. His skills become evident as the movie begins and he strikes a negotiation with a drug lord after executing his men in a very “Serious” way. A softer side of him is revealed when he saves a young, mentally troubled girl from getting killed at the hands of a corrupt and maniacal cop and his minions, who have already killed her adopted family and a 4 year brother. Now the girl seeks vengeance. She asks Leon to train her for that and to work his household in return. What follows is a story of an unusual bond which develops between the girl and the assassin. As he prepares her with guns and aiming during his contract kills, she educates him and reinforces his kindred spirit. He finds peace and redemption in the eccentric girl who falls in love with him. Once he told her that revenge should be forgotten, today he will fulfill her revenge by taking on the madman and his force at his front door.


Likes and Dislikes

With a distinct style of action and quite & emotional storytelling, the movie is as interesting as entertaining. Reality hasn’t been excluded while filming any scene. The association of the cops with the mafia bosses and drug lords in the city are picturesque. The performances delivered by Jean Reno & young Natalie Portman are very intense. The bond, the sexual innuendos and their contrasting yet warm feelings for each other are surreal in the movie.The changing course of a violent life when caring for an innocent spirit are shown momentously. Gary Oldman commands the attention with his substance abusive and maniacal bearing. An emotional yet commanding storyline and thrill are brilliantly directed. Camerawork stands out in a few scenes and are very effective.

A couple of times, it seemed monotonous. The lifestyle, the locality, even the way a few shots are fired. Not a compelling watch at times and fails to constantly hook the attention on screen. There are minor junk scenes in the movie which could have been avoided. But in all other aspects, the movie surpasses the expectations of genre.

What’s my point?

If you’re looking for a hardcore action movie, it’ll disappoint. But if willing to try a powerful storyline, the atypical action and an offbeat emotional drama, Leon: The Professional is an exciting watch.

Be Back Hungry!