Gladiator (2002)

An epic story, with an everlasting effect on the senses.


I was 8 when I first saw this movie in a pirated DVD. And I hardly paid much attention to the craft except for the gore and action. But with time, this movie grew on me and I now realize that Ridley Scott outdid himself with this legendary story of Roman Empire. Winner of 5 Academy Awards, of the 8 nominations, Gladiator stands as a testament to everything altruistic about making a historic drama.


General Maximus is the epitome of honor and loyalty in the army of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Commanding the allegiance of the hoard, he has lead Rome to its greatest victories and now there are none left for the challenge. When terminally ill, Emperor Marcus tells Maximus about his plans for making Rome a Republic and giving the power back to people. Restoring the vision and dream, on which the now corrupt empire was built upon. But these plans need Maximus to be the protector of Rome. Butat the king’s much dismay,he declines the offer. His wicked son, Prince Commodus, feeling betrayed by his father’s distrust in him, murders him and sentences Maximus to death. Escaping his death, Maximus returns home and finds his family burnt alive, by the tyrant. A series of trials follow, where and after Maximus is taken in for the Gladiator games. Where he shall stop at nothing till he has won the hearts of the crowd with his ruthless skills and complete his revenge on Commodus. In the kingdom of twisted political corruption and noble lives at the risk of the torment, Maximus stands as the only hope for ensuring the Dream that Rome once was, is realized.


Likes & Dislikes

With the staggering display of Rome’s ancient glory, the movie has the best of visuals one can expect from a historic war movie. Inspite of the vast storytelling and the characters, their lives and actions are plain and easily understood. Russell Crowe as “Maximus” is flawless and Joaquin Phoenix as the tyrant “Commodus” is stellar. The story instantly grips, living upto the resonating words like Honor, Strength, and Courage. The location, the background score are unmistakable and perfectly synchronize with the moods which follow throughout the narration. Ridley Scott’s style of directing war movies becomes very clear and distinct as the violence, gore, old fashioned fights and the politics of ancient times form a perfect cocktail for senses.

I personally can’t think of anywhere the movie went wrong. But for people looking for action and war, 3 hours of intense historic drama might come off as boring.

What’s My Point?

With a story worth telling a hundred times, Gladiator has never failed to entertain me anytime in the past 14 years. With a lot of subtle things it teaches about life, the movie is visually appealing and mentally rejuvenating. Gladiator will always be cherished as an eternal tale of Honor and Strength.