Suicide Squad (2016)

(NO SPOILERS!) A near perfect cocktail of visually stunning action, ironic humor and Will Smith as the deadliest assassin in DC universe.

David Ayer’s movies are exactly what they call “A Calm before the Storm” kind. The visual array of combat skills follow right after intense emotions and epiphanies. His directorial streak after “Fury” continues and it establishes his mastery in the direction of warfare amidst subtle interpersonal feelings.



After Superman changed the course of warfare of soldiers and meta-humans, Amanda Waller, a high profile functionary in the pentagon puts together Task Force X. A team of the most ingenious assassins & supervillains who are incarcerated. Among the inducted are the world’s deadliest mercenary Deadshot, Joker’s psychotic queen Harley Quinn and the Killer Croc. Armed with the most advanced arsenal at the disposal of US government, the group’s objective is to save a superior target from the city. However, the city has been laid waste to, by the forces of ancient mystic “Enchantress” and her brother. Forging their ultimate weapon of destruction, they will stop at nothing till the world has faced their wrath. The last hope of the mankind will live or die, with the Suicide Squad.


David Ayer maintains his skillful direction of a prime action movie. Yet he doesn’t fail to pitch in the exact amount of background and their sentimental aspects. In spite of a weak story and more than few plotholes, the movie doesn’t quiver your attention at any time. Thanks to the plethora of blazing gun fights, vibrant madness and good visual effects. Will Smith was an unconventional choice for Deadshot, since the expert marksman is a Caucasian in the comic universe. But nevertheless, Will Smith delivers a striking performance and is a wonder on-screen. His ironic humor with the sociopathic remarks of Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) are spot on and are hilarious. But this does seem pretentious at times and loses its charm, but the wisdom still holds. The low on screen time for Joker is an anticlimactic letdown. Apart from his love crazed psychotic self, there wasn’t anything of substance and much less “the Agent of Chaos”. David Ayer has his own distinctive style of directing War and Action movies. The action always bonds with the emotional state and vulnerability of the character. In Fury, the state of deprived hope and yet the solace they find in their tank add to the sentimental reciprocity of the great battle sequence in the end. Just like A Calm before the Storm. The movie inflicts vague perspectives in different people, but definitely appeases the craving for power packed entertainment.

You’ve Got Mail

Reading. Rivalry. Romance. Revealing..In that order.

I finally understood why people consider Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as one of their favorite on screen pairs. My first time seeing Tom Hanks in a romantic role after a glimpse of it in the Terminal. It wasn’t disappointing and in fact, was a pleasantly surprising make over of typical love story between the rivals.



New York city. Its the era of internet. While some people are busy clamoring about the technology, Kathleen Kelly is really fond of it. This fondness is because of the feely emails she’s been exchanging with an unknown person online. Playing it safe, both have marked specifics of their lives as off limits. Her emails contain nothing of substance and yet hold her honest perspectives about life. Kathleen owns an affable children’s book store which holds her deep sentimental values. On the other side, Joe Fox is a successful businessman in the light of bookstores. His brand of a giant bookstore is about to open in the same corner as Kathleen’s and she’s about to run out of business. A budding rivalry between the two continues in a rage, but little do they know, that everyday their heartfelt emails are actually being sent to each other. Joe realizes this soon in time but has realized that Kathleen will never forgive him for closing down her mother’s bookshop. He realizes that he has only one way of winning her over. As Joe fox himself. He tries to redeem their relationship by acting aloof about the emails and slowly starts bonding with Kathleen. And finally, he makes her realize that the person she mails to, is the man she’s truly in love with.


Likes & Dislikes

The movie provides a realistic view of the ugly situations, when personal life and business interfere without your control on either of them.With a simple story in hand, the most complicated emotions surrounding the plot are dealt with ease. From the dialogues to the philosophy, the movie practices what it preaches.Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have an impeccable chemistry on screen and complete the feel of the movie. With a very good show of bitter turned sweet romance, the story is eloquently intricate and provides a revealing sense of the things as “Nothing is what it just looks like”.

The first half of the movie seems dragged, and is boring at many instances. Although the subject background is important, but the main plot seems to be scanty in comparison to their initiation. A little more time on screen developing the plot would’ve made it more enjoyable. There are few shots, which are ineffective and have no purpose, although the screen presence and the frames are excellent.

What’s my Point?

An entertaining watch, which is filled with hilarious moments and subtle romance. The movie is light hearted and yet intricately developed with a few cliched scenes. But a watch worthwhile for any Rom Com lover.

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The Wedding Singer

A Classic Romantic Comedy with sincerely profound dialogues and a lively entertainment.

The Wedding Singer, one of the best romantic comedies I’ve watched. A simple story, uncomplicated plot, simple language yet a profound message. This movie is a keeper in terms of hearty entertainment and an upbeat feeling it delivers, throughout the movie and also after the end. Although the story isn’t as appeasing for romance, it gets the job done with grace.



Robbie Hart is “The Wedding Singer”. Loved by all kinds of people for his jolly and kind spirit, he’s the best in his profession. The movie opens with Robbie singing at a wedding and it becomes evident in the course that he’s a noble guy. Waitressing at the wedding for her first time is Julia Sullivan. With her sweet attitude and kindred soul, she’s the ultimate girl next door. Robbie announces his marriage with his long time girlfriend Linda, whereas Julia’s boyfriend Glenn, has not set a date for the wedding which has her worried. An unlikely situation at the wedding introduces them to each other.After Robbie’s wedding is crushed & he gets left at the altar, he starts hating the concept of marriage and propagates the same in his next wedding performances. Meanwhile Julia’s boyfriend proposes and asks her to take care of all the wedding arrangements. Julia empathizes for Robbie, and after spending some time with each other on the arrangements for her wedding, they realize that they’re falling for each other. Robbie finds that Glenn is cheating on Julia & is compelled to tell her. But misunderstandings seperate them and soon it’s for Robbie to decide, if he’ll stop this travesty and get Julia back or forever face the music of regret.


Likes & Dislikes

Catchy songs and hilarious lyrics are the major plus in the movie. A simple and refreshing story, this plot has penny plain dialogues and no cheesy lines. These dialogues have a great meaning and its warming to see that it can be established without any ostentatious gimmicks on screen. Drew Barrymore as Julia, is adorable and Adam Sandler is simply a delight. Thier chemistry on screen at many instances give off sparks. With an effortless plot and light entertainment, this movie gives the same upbeat feelings of the order of  Definitely Maybe, with half the complexity.

Although the movie doesn’t have many potholes, the story is both the positive and the negative. Since the story isn’t twisted, the movie becomes predictable and ends up a bore for story oriented eyes. The movie doesn’t have a captivating agenda which makes it stand out in the comedies and come off as a precipitate.

What’s my Point?

At wit’s end, this movie does justice to the relaxing lovey dovey folk. Although the story is modest, the movie is definitely something to keep for a rainy day to cheer up.

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Love & Other Drugs

A feel good, minor chick-flick with just enough amount of romance and medical clichés and lot of skin.

Jobless at the moment and having a lot of free movie time, I downloaded this movie only because it was from one of my favourite directors “Edward Zwick”. It was surprising, that a man who specialises in drama, western and war movies could direct something on a more subtler note like light hearted romance and comedy.Love and other Drugs Movie


Movie starts with the confident, jubilant and “A Player” of a protagonist (Jake Gyllenhaal) working at an electronics dealer with his smooth maneuvers in charming the people and getting the sales up. He eventually winds up as a pharmaceutical rep for a leading multinational company Pfizer. Learning the tactics of multiplying sales, his life seems less complicated at first. Until he meets his competition in the Parkinson’s patient he bumps into. Anne Hathaway does justice to that role. What follows is the change of heart and lives of both. Promiscuity turns to love and when reality strikes, both realize what each person loves about the other, will fade in time with her progressing Parkinson’s and the only drug is Love.


Likes & Dislikes

A different notion of love is introduced in the movie which glimpses casual looks at life with practicality . Recognising the true worth of someone in your life even when others don’t, seems not so imaginary. A feel good movie and nothing to over think at any point in time.

Definitely not the best directed movie of Zwick, although it wasn’t a bad gesture to try out a different genre. In movies of Edward Zwick, nature usually has a way of affecting a man’s life. e g  The Last Samurai. Felt it was missing. The progression of the Parkinson’s and how would that change their lives wasn’t depicted. So the movie is fanciful and pre-judged. More depth could be expected in the story and a little more emotional content than Ero would’ve been better

What’s my Point ?

Worth a watch if one’s bored and/or spooning with someone, and looking for a way to kill time with light hearted romance. Definitely something to smile and sleep over.

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