Definitely, Maybe

Definitely a keeper, maybe a bit mushy and preachy.

It had been sometime since i last saw this movie. And now, after watching it i get the same old upbeat feeling again . A well written and delicately intertwined set of occurrences foretold, the movie doesn’t shy away from presenting the downright practical and optimistic nuances of love in life.



William Hayes is a tumbling political consultant, going through a divorce and father of a very curious and high spirited 11 year old daughter Maya. The movie starts when Maya asks him how he met his wife and about his past relationships with women. From then on, a simple and well woven narration by the father hooks the little girl. On the note that she has to figure out who her mother is, among the three women his story revolves around. The three relationships take him through various phases of life and make him confront his ambitions, feelings and choices one has to face within them. In the course of his story, he transforms from his boyish self with dreams, to a man who has faced the ordeals and has made difficult resolves between his love and career. The movie winds when the optimism of his child, drives him to tie up the loose ends with the woman he really loved.

Likes and Dislikes

The best part about the movie is its light hearted and yet strangely profound way of showcasing love. The movie slyly hooks up. The intricacies in the different relations with different people are spot on. The changes a vibrant energetic atmosphere instills in people are well scored. The moving on in life, changes in demeanor a person undergoes over time, choices between relationships and career are very pragmatic in the movie. Ryan Reynolds fits the lead very well. Rachel Weisz in her intellectual lady looks, Isla fisher as the girly one and Elizabeth Banks as the girl next door have been very well chosen for the kind of characters they play.

At times it gets boring with all relationships, profession, love & life seem to keep foul-play and entertaining factors off the screen. Unnecessary emotions at times can be a kill. Cheesy lines in a few places, unrelated rants, mushy instances and self-preaching could be avoided. Background score although lively seems dull at times and doesn’t connect. Although the movie has a good outlook despite of several minor flaws.

Whats my Point ?

Definitely a good watch. One of the best romantic dramas out there without too much of fantasy. Easily understandable and optimistic, It’ll be some time before I watch it again but it won’t be the last.

Be Back Hungry!

Love & Other Drugs

A feel good, minor chick-flick with just enough amount of romance and medical clichés and lot of skin.

Jobless at the moment and having a lot of free movie time, I downloaded this movie only because it was from one of my favourite directors “Edward Zwick”. It was surprising, that a man who specialises in drama, western and war movies could direct something on a more subtler note like light hearted romance and comedy.Love and other Drugs Movie


Movie starts with the confident, jubilant and “A Player” of a protagonist (Jake Gyllenhaal) working at an electronics dealer with his smooth maneuvers in charming the people and getting the sales up. He eventually winds up as a pharmaceutical rep for a leading multinational company Pfizer. Learning the tactics of multiplying sales, his life seems less complicated at first. Until he meets his competition in the Parkinson’s patient he bumps into. Anne Hathaway does justice to that role. What follows is the change of heart and lives of both. Promiscuity turns to love and when reality strikes, both realize what each person loves about the other, will fade in time with her progressing Parkinson’s and the only drug is Love.


Likes & Dislikes

A different notion of love is introduced in the movie which glimpses casual looks at life with practicality . Recognising the true worth of someone in your life even when others don’t, seems not so imaginary. A feel good movie and nothing to over think at any point in time.

Definitely not the best directed movie of Zwick, although it wasn’t a bad gesture to try out a different genre. In movies of Edward Zwick, nature usually has a way of affecting a man’s life. e g  The Last Samurai. Felt it was missing. The progression of the Parkinson’s and how would that change their lives wasn’t depicted. So the movie is fanciful and pre-judged. More depth could be expected in the story and a little more emotional content than Ero would’ve been better

What’s my Point ?

Worth a watch if one’s bored and/or spooning with someone, and looking for a way to kill time with light hearted romance. Definitely something to smile and sleep over.

Be Back Hungry !